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Empower the talent
Empower your organization

With Steelter SaaS, know the soft skills of a person in 5 minutes and through data analytics, make better decisions in recruitment,retention and development of people.
directly impacting business

Companies that already place talent at the center of their organization:

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Measures and manages softskills. Objective, subjective

360° questionnaire, online and in 5 min.

Apply data analytics to talent for business impact


Unbiased and unlabeled. Focused on continuous improvement

Created by and for HR professionals

Plug & Play tool

85% of workplace success comes from the effective development of soft skills.

Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and the Stanford Research Center.

Talent Adquisition

Simplifies and optimizes the identification and selection of candidates.

Internal promotion

Identifies employees with potential for promotion.

My analytics

Freely exploit data analysis.

Evolution of talent

It follows the softskills evolution of each person and gives objective and unbiased feedback.

Team organization

Organizes teams aligned with the organization's challenges.

Development and training

Defines and measures the acquisition of competencies required for each profile/position.

Talent loyalty

Knows the fit of employees with the organizational culture.

Success stories

"Thanks to Steelter, we have been able to objectify and measure our talent more effectively. The improvements in both selection processes and internal assessments are significant. In external selection processes, it helps us confirm suitable candidates for a specific position and profile, and internally, it has a positive impact on the credibility of our decisions."

María José Valenzuela
Directoria RRHH - DENTAID

"Steelter enables us to understand the competencies, attitudes, and values of both the team and candidates with a very high level of reliability. In this way, we can align their potential accurately with individual and group responsibilities. The result has been extraordinary, and we have incorporated it as an indispensable tool. A great help for our teams."

Juan Eusebio Pujol
ESG & Operating Partner - MIURA PARTNERS

Empower the talent. Empower your organization.

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