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People at
the center

of the organization

Steelter was created by a group of experts with more than 20 years of experience in the selection and development of top professionals.

With the aim of putting talent at the center of the organization and in collaboration with professors from prestigious universities and experts in psychology and mathematics, Steelter was created in 2013 to support professionals in the selection, development and retention of talent.

Today, Steelter SaaS supports people and organizations that focus on talent to impact business.

From the measurement of soft skills, our algorithms are able to deconstruct the observed behaviors into data and catalog them to explain how the expression of each behavior will tend to be in professional performance.

Steelter SaaS puts data analytics at the service of companies to make more reliable and less costly decisions in the processes of selection, development and retention of talent.

In 2018, Steelter was awarded B Corp “Best of the world Award” in the Governance category.

A recognition of our work as a company that seeks to improve the world through its value proposition.

“Best for The World’ is the only list that provides comprehensive, comparable and third-party verified data on how organizations intervene in their environment.”


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