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New Steelter: Download the Talent Analytics charts!

Download the Talent Analytics charts!

Do you know the Talent Analytics module of our Steelter platform?

This module facilitates the acquisition of information and application of data analytics models within your own organization. It helps you in the interpretation and analysis of the competency data obtained through the reports, both individual and group data.

In our first article we talked about what’s new and updated in 2.0. After obtaining several feedbacks from clients, we have incorporated the option of downloading the graphs in Talent Analytics to be able to externalize all the information analyzed from Employees and/or Candidates.

Now it is possible!

In the following video, you can see how to download the graphics:

You will see that in the first download you get the graphics:


  • Displays the specific values of each competency
  • Reveals trends and relationships between competencies of different series (individuals, groups)
  • Compares trends in different groups


  • Exclusive use to mark the values of the competencies that belong to the Reference Profile that is being built, or that has been loaded from an existing one.
  • The orange dots correspond to the PR.


It is responsible for displaying the distribution of the values of the competencies over the entire sample (persons or groups) loaded.

And in the second download you get:


The Gaussian bell places the most common results in the central part of the bell, while the less frequent results are placed at the ends. The closer to the midpoint, the more the value is repeated; the farther away – towards either extreme – the less it is.

Start building your reports with Talent Analytics charts now!