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News and updates

Steelter is the essential DATA ANALYTICS tool to know the soft-skills of people and make decisions about talent with objective data in your organization.

Support in the identification, selection, development, management and retention of talent in organizations.

  • Our state-of-the-art questionnaire reveals up to 26 variables in competencies, attitudes and values, online and in 5 minutes.
  • The Talent Analytics module facilitates the acquisition of information and helps you in the interpretation and analysis of the competency data obtained through the reports.

New functionalities

From our Psychology area we focus on behavior. In Steelter we believe in the total capacity of the person to modify their behaviors, thus opening the maximum potential for personal and professional evolution.

  • The new Talent Analytics module (formerly Data Analytics) now allows us to jointly analyze data from Employees and Candidates, focusing on internal and external talent.
  • Updates to SPA and SBA reports. We facilitate the reading and interpretation of data while focusing on behavior rather than personality.
  • And we are working on updating new professional development reports on leadership and management.


We launched new updates that make the platform more intuitive for the user (whoever he/she is), with the aim of promoting autonomy and independence in the use of the tool:

  • Creation of tutorial videos of each module for users. Short videos where all functionalities are explained step by step.
  • We simplified and standardized the functioning of the Employee and Candidates modules (formerly Workforce and Recruitment, respectively).
  • Design updates throughout the platform.
  • The new updates will be available first in English and Spanish.


New UNLIMITED plans . Launch evaluations and create any report without limit.

Choose between:

  • BASIC PLAN: launch evaluations and obtain reports
  • PLAN PRO: launch assessments, obtain reports and work with data analytics thanks to the TALENT ANALYTICS module.

In just 5 minutes and online, get to know your competency profile through our basic ICARO report.

With this free trial you can discover the potential of the Steelter methodology.