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Gemma Perpiñá, talent management specialist at Proclinic Group.

“It’s not just about hiring the best talent, but that these professionals have the right soft skills aligned with the company’s values.”

About Proclinic Group

Proclinic Group is the comprehensive service provider for the dental sector. They have been working since 1983 to provide the solutions that the entire dental sector needs, with the aim of being able to fully meet the needs of dental clinics and laboratories.

They are recognized as the reference company in the Spanish dental sector, with international projection, making us the first choice of their customers and their best option to generate sustainable value.

Gemma Perpiñá, talent management specialist, tells us about the advantages of putting talent at the center of Proclinic Group’s strategy.

1. What role do talent and soft skills play in Proclinic Group?

At Proclinic Group we aim to recruit the best talent to help us achieve our company’s goals. Having the right talent contributes to the innovation and growth of the company, ensures that new and creative ideas are contributed, that solutions to complex problems are found and that the company adapts to change. For the company to grow, it is not only about hiring the best talent, but also that these professionals have the right soft skills aligned with the company’s values. These allow employees to interact effectively with others, work as a team, with empathy and in a collaborative work environment not only internally but also with customers and suppliers, helping to improve business relationships and the company’s reputation.

In short, talent provides the technical skills and knowledge needed to perform a job, while soft skills facilitate effective interaction on the job and in the team. Both are fundamental to the success of our company.

For this reason, we have defined corporate competencies, by role and by position, which we link to our values and the universal competencies defined by Steelter to help us identify the best people to work in our team.

When did you start using the Steelter tool?

We started using Steelter in April 2022. We were looking for a tool that would help us to detect the best talent for our organization and when we got to know Steelter, we saw that it brought us an added value, since it allowed us to perform 360 evaluations with results very much in line with the reality of the profiles.

3. How do you use Steelter?

Steelter is a tool that helps us to detect skills and be able to enhance them, both in selection and for internal promotions.

It mainly helps us to objectify the competencies detected in the selection processes. In addition, we have used it to support us in internal evaluations for possible promotions and we have evaluated work teams in order to focus on how to find tools to improve performance within the area.

4. There is increasing talk of the need to objectify talent-related decisions, what do you think about this?

It is increasingly necessary to objectify decisions in evaluations and to be able to base part of the decision on clear and measurable metrics and criteria and not rely exclusively on subjective judgments is key. With Steelter we ensure greater fairness, efficiency and transparency.

The combination of Steelter with the personal interview, which is still key when hiring a professional to our organization, helps us to improve the quality of the selection process.