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Do you know what People Analytics is and what it provides?

Do you know what People Analytics is and what it provides?

If you are still not very clear about the meaning of this concept known as People Analytics or HR Analytics, it is a research method to study the people who are part of an organization. This is achieved by extracting data and then analyzing it, establishing objective and reliable conclusions in order to make better decisions, saving time and money.

Technology is transforming the way companies manage their people. Increasingly, HR departments understand that the key to success lies in the people who make up the organization, as the most valuable asset within an organization.

Dedicating time and resources to managing people is becoming a real necessity.

Therefore, this method is one of the most reliable ways to help leaders and managers make important decisions that can affect the organization’s performance and results.

Some of the main advantages of using People Analytics are:

  • Improved personnel management based on real data
  • Empowering internal talent and facilitating its transformation
  • To know the degree of commitment, sense of belonging and happiness at work of employees.
  • Assessing employee performance to design customized training and development programs
  • Increasing productivity

With People Analytics tools like Steelter, in addition to collecting and analyzing data, you can also identify behavioral patterns to identify areas of strength and weakness or predict turnover.

In this way, companies can save time and money, or invest it in other areas such as training, technology, equipment, mentoring and health and wellness programs.

People Analytics to predict the future

Companies can use predictive analytics to predict future talent demand. This can help anticipate hiring needs and prepare talent retention strategies to avoid shortages of key personnel.

By using data and analytics, they can make accurate and effective predictions about the organization’s future performance and take preventative action to ensure long-term success.