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HR automation as a key to success

HR automation as a key to success

According to the Digitizing the World of Work 2021 study, the top 3 benefits of digital transformation identified by HR professionals are time savings (58%), agility in performing tasks (56%) and process automation (48%).


HR automation makes it possible to use technology to perform repetitive tasks quickly and increase efficiency and productivity in any company.

Today, the key to success is to produce or generate more with less time and fewer resources and to help minimize the possibility of making mistakes.

As we discussed in the previous article on

People Analytics

As we discussed in the previous article on People Analytics, more and more companies are digitizing their processes, and technology is becoming or is becoming a real necessity in many sectors.

Why should you automate HR processes?

Major changes in a company are not immediate; it takes time and resources for the entire organization to adapt and become aware of the different processes. Although, step by step, the results can be of high quality.

Next, let’s take a look at some HR department processes that can be automated in any company:

Personnel selection

Automation makes it possible to eliminate much of the physical paperwork by establishing criteria so that a software robot can:

  • Posting job offers
  • Select only those candidates who meet the requirements.
  • Inform the candidates about the result of their participation in the process.


Today, there is a need to train employees in digital skills, so continuous learning is essential. The HR department can manage the training platforms and rooms, as well as know which courses are given to which employees.

3. Time control

In the wake of the pandemic, many companies have maintained telework. As a consequence, it is necessary to perform a time control that allows to know the entries and exits of each employee with a remote software.

Payroll management

We know that it can be a very repetitive and time-consuming task, depending on the number of workers in the company. In this sense, each employee’s personal information is collected automatically, so that any modification is immediately reflected in the payroll.

5. Onboarding of workers

Anyone who has worked through the onboarding process knows that it may not be very simple due to the number of people, details, procedures…it is important that employees can adapt as quickly as possible to all the processes. We could talk about actions such as:

  • Registration in the system
  • Compilation of documents
  • Delivery of equipment and materials
  • Sending credentials for business tools

In addition to the automation of recurring processes, digitization has also come to bring extra value to HR professionals.

Business intelligence today allows us to make decisions based on real and objective data on people, to carry out selection surveys or evaluations for team development quickly to obtain information from employees and to analyze it. In this way, it is possible, for example, to know the competencies of the team and to improve the situation of each employee in his or her job.

We know that it is not an easy decision to enter into an automation process, but in the long run it will have an impact on better results, increasing the degree of digitalization, increasing employee satisfaction and competing on a level playing field in the market.